Are You A Zapper or A Sapper? The Effects of Negative Energy People in Business

Let me ask you a question: In business, are you a “sapper,” or are you a “zapper”?

The difference between a sapper and zapper is the energy they bring to the table. Zappers tend to have negative energy, whether it’s through complaining or general demeanor, and people notice this, even subconsciously.

You can probably think of a sapper (or a few) that you’ve come across in life, and they tend to bring everyone’s general energy down. A zapper does the opposite, they bring their A-game and have a positive aura that helps motivate their teams.

See, the problem is that many people become sappers without even being aware of it, and they end up bringing their teams down because of it. In this video, I talk about how you can avoid that negative energy and bring your best to every day.

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