Are You A Zapper or A Sapper? The Effects of Negative Energy People in Business

I’ve got a question for you:  Are you a Zapper or a Sapper?

What’s the difference?

Well, a Zapper is person that, when you meet them, you feel great around them.  They’ve got a great warm handshake, they’re smiling, they’re energized, and you feel great just being there, being in their presence.

A Sapper, conversely, is somebody that, you know, they’re a bit of a downer, they’re not really high energy at all.  They’re just kind of low and take your energy away.

So what does it matter if we’re a Zapper or a Sapper?  Well there’s a domino effect to how we show up to life.  The energy that we have and the energy we share with everybody around us impacts them as well.

So in business it’s so important to have a good energy because if you don’t, you’re not going to energize your staff.  They’re not going to feel motivated or excited to do what they do.

Your prospects probably won’t want to hang around you so you have less chance of actually selling to them because you’re a sapper or you’re a downer, and that’s going to impact your business as well.

So what if you’re not having a great day?

Say you’re Zapper, you’re generally up and positive and optimistic, but you’re just not having a good day. What do we need to remember?  Don’t let yourself slip into sapping sapper mode right?  It’s Showtime!

You’ve got to put your stuff aside be who you need to be for that moment. If you’re in a sales situation you need to be positive and optimistic and helpful.

You can’t be a downer and complaining about the traffic jam that you just got through and why you’re late or whatever else is going on with your team as well.  They’ve got their own stuff on the go, so if you’re having a bit of a bad day you’ve still got to bring it like you’re not.

That’s your job as the business owner is to be who you need to be every day.  You’ve got to bring great energy stay focused, stay positive, stay optimistic, and do what you need to do to help your team feel the same way.

So that’s it – Be a Zapper today ok!

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2 thoughts on “Are You A Zapper or A Sapper? The Effects of Negative Energy People in Business

  1. Great job on the Video Dan and nice message. I stay away from Sappers just saying. LOL

    Have a fabulous day


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