Are You Making Business Changes for the Wrong Reasons?

When addressing problems in the workplace, it’s important to make sure that the business changes you implement are truly getting to the root of the problem.

As humans we have a tendency to move away from pain. I see this with business owners all the time. When there’s something they’re not happy with in their business, they want to react to change something that’s external. But they’re not clear on where that pain is coming from. The business is manifesting whatever it is that’s going wrong, and they’re looking at the outcome rather than the roots of the pain.

There’s a saying: “wherever you go, there you are.” This means that whenever you change directions — whether that’s hiring someone different, or making some other business changes — you’re going to show up the same way as you always do if you don’t change your thinking.

The problem may be a function of your thought patterns. If you’re always addressing problems in the workplace using the same reasoning and approaches, then you’ll keep getting the same results.

I work with many business owners who work far too many hours. They’re frustrated because they’re exhausted. The business is taking too much out of them. But that’s just an outcome. Really, the problem is that they never set clear boundaries for themselves.

Think about a challenge you currently have in your business, and work it backwards. What questions are you asking yourself? Do they ever change?

Sometimes to enact truly effective business changes, you need to expose yourself to new people and new ways of addressing problems in the workplace. Only by thinking differently, can you get different results.

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