Juggling Too Many Tasks in Your Business? It’s slowing you down.

Juggling Too Many Tasks In Your Business?

Have you ever had a day where you feel like you’re just trying to keep up with all the balls in the air, and you’re just juggling your way through the day and never really getting to what’s important for you?

At the end day you look back and you think:
“I didn’t do anything! I just reacted all day.”

It’s frustrating, right?

I hate when I have those days, and I try to minimize them, because what happens is, we’re not moving the business forward.

It’s so easy to say YES to the competing priorities – these little things that we can just get off our desk, or help somebody with – but when it’s at the expense of our own objectives, it’s not a good idea, right?

Because then we have week after week after week of not moving the ball forward.

Now, I want to share with you a little strategy, and it’s really simple.  It’s a couple of steps to get your time back and stop juggling.

So number one, prioritize.

Based on your planning and what your objectives are for the next quarter coming up, determine what is it that you can do this week – just one thing only – that if you were to do it, it would move your business forward, closer to achieving your goal.

Then determine “How much time do I need to do that action?”
And then double it. 

I find business owners are really good at underestimating
how much time things take.

So double the amount of time give yourself some buffer.

The next thing, is block two slots in your schedule this week where you can work on it.

Now, if you have something that you think is going to take an hour, double it up to two and then find two hour slots in your week.

Why do you need two?

Because stuff happens.  And you want to mitigate the chance of having to push your important task into next week.  So block it off like it was your most important client, because you are your most important client after all.

Block two of those slots off and get your resources ready, whatever you might need to prepare to be really productive in that time.

So you go into that time with energy, with momentum, and well-resourced to actually get done what you need to get done.

Now, lastly and most importantly, your team might not be used to you being so focused during specific times during the week, so let them in on it, let them know, “Hey, between *this time* and *this time* this week, I’m unavailable.  I’m going to focus on these things, they’re really important for me to move the business forward.  So if you need anything,  just please wait, don’t knock on my door. I’ll come and see you afterwards, but I need to drill down and focus here.”

I hope that you’ll try this strategy out this week.  Let me know how you make out in the comments, or if you have some productivity and time management tools and tricks that you use, I’d love to know what they are.

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