Making BETTER DECISIONS with a Business Dashboard

Have you and your leadership team ever found yourselves unable to make informed decisions because you don’t have the correct data? An effective business dashboard can solve that problem when it comes to business decisions. In this video, I go over what a dashboard is and how it can help your company grow.

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Essentially, a dashboard is a series of numbers that’s going to tell you at a glance how you’re doing in all the different functional areas of your business. Much like in sports where you have a scoreboard that tells everyone the score between the teams, everyone in your organization needs to know your “business score”.

Now, not everyone needs to know every single number, but they do need to know those that will allow them to make informed decisions within their functional area.

For customer service reps, their business dashboard could tell them how many people they’ve served on a particular day. For the marketing department, it could show how many leads they generated with their marketing efforts.

But be aware that there are challenges that come with having a dashboard. Sometimes there’s too much data that it can become meaningless. Whittle it down to just the key, critical numbers that tell the story of what’s been happening and what’s going to happen if things stay the same. This is important in key business decisions because you need to be able to understand trends to be able to make informed decisions effectively and quickly.

With a properly executed business dashboard, you and your business can get back on track if you’re off course, or accelerate your results if you’re headed in the right direction.

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