Strength & Dealing with Pressure – Interview with Zach Bosanac, FITT Forge

Is feeling sluggish and tired having an impact on your business?

In this candid interview, Zach describes how he was successful as a Financial Planner, and had everything that should have made him happy, but he wasn’t. He was, in fact, pretty miserable. And that discontent got him fired.

Being fired became the door which ultimately led to him founding FITT Forge, a gym that is a community of business owners, friends, and families, lifting together, getting strong together, feeling good together.

One of the most interesting take-aways in my interview with Zach, is how after over a year of COVID, he’s seeing many people – especially business owners – with atrophy in their bodies, and a lot of pressure on their minds. He explains that “Strength” is a response to pressure and “Atrophy” is the result of a lack of pressure. The atrophy in the body makes it more difficult to deal with the pressure in the mind.

Check out my interview with Zachary for more insights on how to take time for yourself and that building physical strength actually helps you build mental strength, and ultimately build a more successful business.

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