The 4 Levels of Competency – Training your Staff and Yourself

As a business owner, when you’re faced with situations like delegating tasks to your staff in your business, you may find that the person you’re handing over to isn’t as competent as you want. This can tempt you to continue to do it yourself instead of teaching someone else.

But it’s important to recognize that they’ll also have to go through the 4 levels of competency, just like you did when you started learning the skills you have now.

In today’s video, I discuss these 4 different levels:

– unconscious incompetence
– conscious incompetence
– conscious competence, and
– unconscious competence.

If you’ve ever tried something new, like playing a new instrument, you might feel confident at first that you can easily do it. “How hard can it be, right?”

This is how it usually goes when we’re in the unconscious incompetence phase. When you pick up the instrument and try to play it, you will probably quickly realize that it’s not as easy as you thought. You become conscious of your incompetence.

As you keep trying and practicing, you will become consciously competent, meaning you’re good at it, but you still have to think carefully about what you’re doing.

When you reach unconscious competence, it means that you have achieved a mastery of proficiency where you don’t really have to think about what you’re doing, you just do it smoothly and naturally!

Watch this video until the end to see my tips on how you can handle delegating tasks to your staff as they go through the 4 levels of competency. It takes a leader like you to understand these, so you can guide them on their way from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence.

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