The Key Question for Marketing Success: “So What?”

This week, I want to share with you a little question.  The answer to which is critical for your marketing success.

So what is the one question, the answer to which we must get right in order to have success in our marketing?

It’s a very simple and short question.  It’s just: “so what?” or another way of  phrasing that is: “Who cares?”

So who’s asking this question?  Well, it’s anyone that’s receiving your marketing.  They’re going to be asking themselves that question.

And even in a subconscious way they’re going to see it, notice it, and immediately ask themselves, “So what?” or “Who cares?”  And if what you have to say resonates, they’ll keep reading.  They’ll keep engaging.  If it doesn’t, they’re gone.

Now, I learned this a long time ago from a marketer that was helping me in my IT business.  And I created this beautiful brochure.  (It was not beautiful.  It was crappy.)

And it was all about feeds and speeds and servers and motherboards and memory and all this kind of stuff.

And it was really – I thought it was important that a business owner, I would serve business owners in my IT business, and I thought it would be important for them to know just how great this technology was I was bringing.

But they didn’t care about that.  That did not resonate with them. 

So the marketer that I was working with said, “Look, whatever you put out there’s got to pass the “so what” test.  In the eyes of your customer, are they going to say, “Well, so what about that? How does that help me?”

So what? Does that help me solve my problems?  Does it help me achieve something I want to achieve?”

And I realized that what my customers really wanted was a reliable network, a lot of uptime, fast processing, reliable printing, all that kind of stuff, so they could run their business.  The technology was just a tool for them.

I was so focused on the tool.  I wasn’t focused on what was important for my customer.

So have a look at your marketing. Are you really resonating with your customer? Are you talking about what’s truly important to them?

Or are you talking about your feeds and speeds and products and services?

Or are you talking about what’s really going to solve the problem for your customer or help your customer achieve what they want to achieve? 

It’s a subtle difference, but it’s a critical one because if you’re not talking with your customer or your prospect about what’s really important to them, they’re going to say, “So what? They don’t understand me.”

They’re going to move on to someone whose marketing does resonate with them that does demonstrate that they get it and they have a solution that’s going to help. So I hope you find that handy this week.

Your homework coming out of this video is to go look at your marketing, and look at your website.  Look at how you send your emails, any brochures, flyers, things like that.

Are you talking about feeds and speeds? Or are you talking about what’s important to your customer? Would your marketing pass the “So what/who cares” test?

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