The Key Question to Answer for Marketing Success

Let’s talk about how to improve your marketing. Here’s a question for you – does your product marketing pass the “So What?” test?

Potential customers who engage with your marketing will ask the question, “so what?” before deciding whether they will purchase. This means that your marketing campaigns need to be focused on benefits, not features.

If you heard the question “So what?” from a customer, would you be able to answer it?

Answering this question will be the determiner of whether they’ll engage further or move on.

In a company I once ran, I was convinced that I had to give my customers a detailed breakdown of the product I was selling. But they didn’t care about the features of the product. The truth is that all marketing collateral that you present to your customers has to pass the “so what” test.

When your customers look at your product marketing, they want know if it solves their problem. How will it be beneficial for them?

As business owners, we often focus on product specificities more than we focus on the customer.

Flip that on its head. Focus on the customer and the benefit they stand to receive before your product. That’s the secret for how to improve your marketing.

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