What To Do When Your Business Seems ‘Stuck’: A Problem-Solving Framework

As business leaders, we all get stuck from time to time. In this video I’d like to share a problem solving framework that you can use to move through stuck points in your business.

The formula is called AADA which stands for:

Avoidance: often if we feel stuck, or we have a major challenge in our business, we might just avoid dealing with it. But problems aren’t going to fix themselves, so you need to tackle the problem head on and not just try to avoid it!

Analysis: You need to gather enough data to help you take the first couple of steps, but you don’t have to have the whole thing mapped out. Just get rolling, you don’t need to see the end of the road when you’re first setting off.

Decision: What action are you going to take? Make the decision then…

Action: Take action and see what happens. Once you’ve got momentum you can power through a problem, but if you stay stuck and not doing anything you’re not going to get anywhere!

Don’t worry about hitting the gas hard. That’s the great thing about this AADA problem solving framework. You can just move slowly along and the momentum this small action creates will help you to see different perspectives and different results, and based on what you see, you can adapt and change your direction as needed.

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