You don't have to go it alone

As the leader of your enterprise, have you ever felt that it's lonely at the top? Have you ever wished you had a like minded group of people to act as a sounding board, and help give you a different perspective on your business challenges?

Dan's CEO MasterMind Groups are a place where you can get that support. Facilitated by Dan, and with peer members that are just like you - driven, ambitious, growth oriented entrepreneurs scaling up their enterprises, and open to learning and sharing.  The conversations around the table centre on how to resolve critical issues, take advantage of opportunities, and accelerate your business growth.

The group members will hold you accountable, keep you focused, expect you to play a big game, take action and leave your excuses at the door. You'll be challenged by the group, but also supported through your growth and change. And you'll share your talents, experience and  support with them too. It doesn't have to be lonely at the top!

We meet monthly for an energizing half day of growth, learning support, camaraderie - and that push you need to keep driving your business forward!

Think Dan's CEO MasterMind Group may be a fit for you?
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