Adapt to Change or Be Changed By It: Don’t Let Change Happen TO You!

There have been some significant surprises in the last several months, which has caused us to make a strategic change. You see, the key to success during turbulent times is to adapt to change, rather than let it happen to you.

Now, today is the last day in our office. In order to explain the reason why I’m excited about this, you should know a little bit about our history. About four and a half years ago, we wanted to find a positive place that we could get together in and stretch out a little bit.

That’s exactly what we’ve done over the past four or five years. We’ve had all kinds of events: parties, network events, and chamber of commerce engagements. But, with COVID-19, it’s been about 29 months since anyone walked through the door. It’s pretty much just been me in here during the last six months.

So, it’s time for us to make a strategic change. The world has shifted, and so our business has to adapt to change. We just don’t need all of this space. The reason why I’m smiling about this is that we’ve had great memories here, but it’s time to move on.

You can’t cling to the past. No one really likes change, at least the kind that gets thrust upon you. But when it happens, it’s important to stay ahead of the change instead of letting it happen to you.

What’s changing in your environment right now? How are you going to implement a strategic change? Adapt to change or risk being changed by it.

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