Are you Customer-Centric or Actually Inauthentic?

Earlier this week I received a message on LinkedIn that was clearly an inauthentic, boilerplate, copy/paste script – you probably receive them all the time too. You know the type I mean… “Hi Dan, would you be interested in exploring the joys of business ownership…”

But here’s the thing. Authentic marketing requires authentic communication. It needs to be customer centric.

The problem with the shotgun approach, aside from ticking off a lot of recipients, is it relies on sending enough messages (in a high enough volume), that maybe, just maybe, it might reach one or two people who are actually interested.

But what they’re forgetting is that to grow a business you need to make your customers feel heard, seen and understood. Without attempting to understand your prospects – without even spending 10 seconds to glance at my LinkedIn profile and see whether or not I’m a good fit for their service – this just comes across as completely inauthentic and, to be frank, not the traits of a company I’d like to do business with.

Especially at times like this, where winning new customers might be harder than a year ago, it becomes even more important than ever to try and give value upfront. To do this, you need to be authentic in your marketing and communication and you need to be customer centric. You need to understand how you can provide value.

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