Bug Spray for Your Business: The Surprising Benefits of Proactive Leadership!

The key to proactive leadership is learning how to problem solve effectively. Think of all of those problems that arise in your business as bugs. What happens with many business owners is that they spend so much of their time swatting and scratching that they don’t take the time to apply “bug spray.”

That is, most people don’t take the time to solve the underlying issues that cause most of their problems. If you want to be more productive as a leader, you’re going to have to be intentional about addressing your organization’s challenges.

One method for cultivating this kind of proactive leadership, is to block out a section of time each week. Use this time for figuring out how to problem solve the main challenges that you face.

For example, let’s say you’re having issues with service delivery to your client. The same issues come up again and again and are causing complaint areas. Ask yourself what could be leading to the problems. Have you not trained your team well enough? Is there a process issue? Is there a missing checklist?

By working through each problem methodically, you can eliminate the biggest threats to your organization and free up more of your time to focus on important tasks.

If you want to truly learn how to problem solve, you have to be able to work on the underlying factors that give rise to recurring challenges. By adopting a proactive leadership approach, you can stamp out costly issues before they drain your resources.

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