Bug Spray for Your Business: How to keep urgencies and problems from constantly biting you!

Today I want you to understand why your business needs a liberal dose of bug spray every week.

Think about your typical day, all the little urgencies, and challenges, and problems that crop up.

Aren’t they a lot like little mosquitoes or black flies coming, coming at you, coming in and taking a bite, stinging you, leaving you bleeding, leaving you annoyed, and swatting, and distracted?

These are the issues that come at all business leaders, regardless of your enterprise size.  They’re coming at you.

Now, how do we get rid of them?

Well, sometimes we’re so busy swatting that we don’t take the time to apply the bug spray.  We need to get it on, and we’re going to get bit while that happens, and that’s what we have to recognize.

Some business owners I talk to say “Well, I’m too busy to work on that, solving that problem,
I’m too busy dealing with it.”

I get it.  You’re going to get bit while you apply.  In other words, you need to block the time every week to work on your top challenges, to be proactive and making sure that you’re diminishing and eliminating the quantity of these bugs that are coming at you.

Some examples I see on a regular basis are issues with service delivery.  There’s a problem

getting the product or a service out to a client.  The same little issues keep coming up and causing complaint areas.

That’s a great place to start.  Ask yourself (and your team), what’s leading to it?  Is it a checklist that’s missing?  Have we not trained our team well enough?  Is there a process issue? Has the market changed?  Have expectations changed?

You need to take the time to stop and think about it.  Make some progress, a little update to your process, a bit of training, a communication, get some data gathered from your team.

Do the thinking time.

And again, yes, you’re getting bit, you’re having more problems while you’re doing this reconnaissance and planning.  But you need to work through it so that you come out the other side with at least a fly swatter or some repellent, so you can start eliminating some of these bug issues.

What’s the number one thing in your business that you’d want to see eliminated, because it’s wasting your time, taking your focus and energy?  That’s where you want to allocate, your time towards working on.

If you’re not sure where to start, because you’re in a black fly swarm, and they’re all coming at you, feel free to reach out.  I’ve got lots of bug spray, and I’ve got swatters, too.  I’ve got even a net I can help put over you.

Let’s have a chat and help figure out what you need to work on first to start eliminating some of these bugs from your situation.

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