Differences as Strengths

This week I want to talk to you about personality styles and behavioural styles.

Think about this: on your team do you have anybody that kind of drives you nuts?

Are you looking at their difference as a weakness?

If you are, I’d like to challenge you to  look at their difference as a strength.

For example, if you’re high energy a lot of motion person, you’re getting out there making things happen, and you’ve got someone on your team that’s a little bit slower paced and reserved, they’re looking out for your best interest so they might just be checking those balances that you’re not seeing.

Conversely, if you’re a little bit of a slower paced individual maybe a little bit conflict avoidant, maybe not as “out there” having somebody on your team that’s got a lot of great energy and is willing to get out there and shake things up might be a real strength as well although you might find it a little intimidating.

We want to make sure we’ve got a well-rounded team.  A solid team, whether you’re individual and it’s the contractors or support people you have, we want to have a lot of variety in our personality styles and behavioural styles on the team.

When we see them as a strength we can be a lot stronger together. If we see our differences as challenges we’re going to be nitpicking and feeling frustrated all the time. So this week my challenge to you is look at the people you’re working with.  If you find some differences in their style that is sometimes frustrating for you, try to find the strength in it.  Find out, why did you bring them on board in the first place? Why are you guys working together? What was the amazing thing you saw in them that made you want them on board in the first place? 

What is that strength?

 Try to get around those differences, look for the strengths.

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