Driving Accountability

In the book, “American Icon” by Bryce G. Hoffman, I found a valuable strategy for driving accountability in your business. To create a culture of accountability, you need to stay on top of the problems together with your teams. To do this, I suggest implementing something called a BPR.

A BPR, or Business Process Review, is a simple strategy for running meetings and taking action that was first used by Alan Mulally when he took over at Ford Motor Company. At the time, the company was on the verge of going out of business. However, with this strategy and others, he was able to turn that company around within a span of four years.

Much of his success lies in how he went about creating a culture of accountability. In order to start driving accountability, he had all of the leadership teams report regularly on the KPIs for their areas of responsibility. But they didn’t only report on the numbers. They also had to report on their status based on a scorecard that could be green, yellow, or red. Green meant that the team was on track, yellow meant that the team had a problem with a solution, and red meant that there was a problem that did not yet have a solution.

This allowed Alan to start driving accountability because it kept everyone on top of their problems. If your business is in a growth mode it means you have more teams, more processes, and more moving parts than before. By creating a culture of accountability, you can stay on top of your own problems and get them solved more quickly.

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