Maintaining your Mental Health – An Interview with Brian Janes of Impact Counselling

Have you ever had one of those days where you’d prefer to just stay home, and not go into your business and deal with all the stress?

I think we’ve all been there at one point or another.

As business owners, we are subject to a lot of pressure, stress and challenges on a daily basis: Meeting client expectations, handling cashflow issues, staffing issues, competition, marketing, sales, finance – the list goes on.

Running a business can be tough, and can take a toll on a business owner.

In this week’s video, I interview psychotherapist Brian Janes who works with and helps a lot of business owners. In our chat, Brian shares strategies for business owners on how to manage and reduce stress, regain balance, recognize the signs of mental health challenges and how to get help if things get really challenging.

I learned a lot in my conversation with Brian, and I’m sure you will too. If you ever struggle with stress in your business or life, please watch this video.

And if you want to talk to Brian, you can reach him at:
Brian Janes
Impact Counselling Services
(905) 746-7428

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