Want More Employee Accountability? Use This Simple Method To Promote Team Building & Responsibility

Do you feel like your business is lacking employee accountability? Well, in this video, I share some tips on how to facilitate team building so that you can always depend on your employees to perform the tasks that are assigned to them.

Have you ever held a team meeting where everyone agrees to do a portion of the allotted tasks but then at the next meeting you realize that no one has actually completed what they were supposed to do?

Has this happened to you even when there is clear communication between team members? Well, here’s an exercise that can prevent this from happening. By doing this regularly, you’ll be able to encourage both employee accountability and team building.

How it works is that during a team meeting when you issue a request or expectation, have a scribe write down who is going to do each task and in what timeframe. At the end of the meeting, review the recorded list with everyone just to make sure that there’s no confusion.

One benefit of this exercise is that it allows people to really absorb the fact that they have a given task and it often leads them to realize that they don’t actually have enough time or resources to complete it. By helping people reflect on their tasks early, it allows them to reach out for the necessary support that will allow them to successfully complete their job.

When you write down exactly who will do each task and in what period of time, it creates employee accountability because there is no room for confusion about the allocation of jobs. If you want to improve accountability and team building, try this method and see how it works for you.

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