What is the Definition of REAL Wealth?

What’s YOUR definition of wealth? Does it equate to your money in the bank, your invested assets, or your discretionary time?

Everyone has a different take on wealth but we can all agree that wealth doesn’t always mean your monetary savings or the amount of property you’ve accumulated. Wealth can be a lot of things like freedom, health, and time.

I want to share some not-so-common definitions of wealth with you, in the hopes of changing your perspective of it.

Are all the sacrifices you’ve made and the time you’ve spent on your business equal to the amount of cash flow you’re receiving from it? After taking a look at your business, can you truly say you have REAL wealth?

If your answer to that is yes, then that’s awesome! But if it’s a resounding no, then you might have to take a step back to evaluate what you’re willing to give up in exchange for REAL wealth.

00:00 – What is your definition of wealth?
00:31 – Why does true wealth equate to discretionary time?
00:51 – What does it mean to survive so many days forward?
01:33 – How do you produce cash without having to work?
01:55 – Do you spend enough time doing the things you want to?

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