Why You Should Stop Answering Employee Questions

Do you get frustrated by constant distractions at work?

How many times a day do you get employee questions that start like this: “Hey, have you got a minute?”

Although you want to help your team, when they ask you questions on a frequent basis it can really take time away from whatever you need to work on.

In order to save you time, I want to help you reduce — and eventually eliminate — these interruptions.

So, how can we get rid of these distractions at work? L

et’s take a step back and ask ourselves why there are so many employee questions directed our way. Why do team members come in and interrupt us when they know we’re busy?

The answer is, we’ve trained them this way. If a team member comes to you and you give them an answer, you’re training them to continue to ask you questions.

Instead, ask them to come up with three possible solutions to their question. This gets them thinking. What you’ll find is that your team members probably have some really good ideas.

Eventually, you can avoid distractions at work altogether by asking your team members to enact one of the three solutions they come up with. Let them know that you will take responsibility for any negative outcome.

Getting them to problem solve on their own in this way will help you reduce the number of employee questions that you receive. Once your team members learn to trust themselves, they will be more productive — and so will you.

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