Feeling Resigned? How to get Unstuck!

What is resignation?

It’s a state of thinking nothing is going to work, the situation can’t change, we’ve become resigned to the fact that this is just kind of how it is.

How do we find ourselves in a state like this?

And I’m sure we’ve all been there, on one level or another, in our business or life, but what leads to it?

Whatever we did, led to this situation.  But what precedes an Action is a Decision.

And what precedes a Decision is a Question.

And where do our Questions come from?

Our Thoughts and Ideas that we have.

So if our Thoughts that are leading to the Questions we have,
and the Decisions we make and the Actions we take,
aren’t working, what are we to do?

Well we don’t want to wipe the nose of the cold, we want to get down to root cause.  Let’s get down to our Ideas, and our Thoughts. Where are they coming from?

Are we doing something so that we can have new Ideas and new Thoughts?

If we’re feeling stuck, chances are we’re not totally stuck.  We might be in a repetitive pattern of doing the same things expecting a different result, or just giving up on taking Action all together.

So where do we get new ideas from?

In our brain, our synaptic gateways need to grow and expand and make additional connections.

That comes with new knowledge.

When we have new knowledge, when we educate ourselves, we have more connections, we have the possibility now of having a new Idea, which will lead to new Thoughts, new Questions, new Decisions, new Actions, and hey, maybe even some different outcomes.

If you’re feeling stuck, let’s pick something, maybe with your team for example. If your employees are coming in late, or they’re not doing the work that they need to do, to the level of excellence that you’re expecting.

Or generally they’re just not high-performing employees.  And you feel a little bit stuck with them.  Are you actually?  Maybe, maybe not.

Are you doing any education for yourself on leadership, and hiring, and on communication, and motivation, inspiration, understanding of other people.

If you’re not, that could be why you’re stuck.

Look at the current situation and ask yourself,

“What is the piece of education I’m missing right now? 
What do I need to learn about, so I can take that
Thought-Question-Decision-Action Train
a little bit more effectively?”

Leave a comment below and share where you’ve found new Thoughts and Ideas!

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