How to Adapt to Changes in Your Business’s Environment

Adapting to changes in your business is a bit like flying a plane at night. While you’re still fundamentally doing the same thing as you would when flying during daylight, the fact that the environment and the variables have changed means you need to adapt or risk crashing!

It’s the same in a business context too. For example, selling to a large company isn’t the same as selling to a small company. Sure, both require sales skills, but if you were to treat larger companies in the same way as small companies and not account for the differences in the sales cycle and the additional decision-makers or red tape involved, then the chances are, you won’t make the sale.

Or, another example might be if you’re opening a second location and you’re spending more time in the new site than your original site. Your decision-making and leadership style needs to adapt. You can no longer make decisions based on seeing or hearing things firsthand. Unless you can adjust and learn to rely on your executive team, you run the risk of making misinformed decisions. Sure, the business still operates the same, but the way you engage and operate needs to adjust.

Adapting to changes can be difficult, but it’s important that you anticipate what’s coming and what adjustments you might be make further down the line. If you need help with that please get in touch and I’d be happy to assist.

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