Is Your Business Stuck in the Waiting Place?

In this video I’ll be the discussing the business growth challenges associated with feeling stuck, or as I like to put it, being in the waiting place.

As a kid, did you ever read the Dr Seuss book Oh The Places You’ll Go? The book is about all the adventure, fun and excitement you’ll have growing up. Notably, it also talks about how sometimes we’re going to feel stuck in the waiting place.

The waiting place is where not much of anything good or bad happens – you’re just stuck there not moving forward.

I see many business owners feeling stuck in the waiting place and there tends to be two reasons why they find themselves there:

1) Decisions aren’t being made because they don’t have enough data

2) Decisions aren’t being made because there is fear of the outcome.

If you’re not making the decisions you should be, for either of those reasons, you’re going to remain stuck in the waiting place.

The world is moving forward, so if you’re not moving forward, you’re getting left behind!

Bear in mind, this doesn’t necessarily mean your whole business is stuck – it might just be a specific area in your business.

The best way to overcome this business growth challenge and move forward is to do an inventory and understand what decision you’re waiting to make.

Is there something specific that you’re afraid of happening or is it more of a general fear? If you take some time to reflect on where you might be stuck and the reasons why, it might help you to have the courage to tackle it head on and taking action, moving your business forward.

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