Sales Series #5: Following Up After the Sale

In this fifth and final video in my series on how to improve your sales, I take a look at the after sales follow up. You see, following up with customers is critical even when you’ve already made the sale. While you may be tempted to think your job is over, there’s more to the sales process.

Specifically, you want to get your customer engaged in whatever the next steps are. Do they need to send you some info so you can get started on something? Do you need to give your clients some details so they can start taking action? Or do you need to set up a series of meetings? Clearly explain whatever that next step is.

Buyer’s remorse can sometimes happen when a person buys something, and then it gets quiet which leaves them feeling like they were ghosted. Make sure to do your after sales follow up so you can reassure the customer that it was the best decision for them to make the purchase. You can do this by continuing to follow up with them professionally, and guide them through the next steps to your product or service fulfillment.

Now, one reason why following up with customers is so important is because of the 3 R’s – Reviews, Recommendations, and Referrals. Following up with a customer is your opportunity to ask for a recommendation or introduction. But these have to be EARNED, so make sure you first deliver amazing customer service throughout the process as well.

The after sales follow up is important because it helps maintain customer trust and cement your relationship. If you meet or exceed the customer’s expectations, it can result in positive reviews that will help you get more business down the line.

For all of these reasons, following up with customers is a step that should not be overlooked.

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