Overcoming Self-Sabotage: From Possibility to Probability to Profitability

Have you ever said that you wanted to be, do, or have something and then immediately or shortly thereafter you decided that you couldn’t be, do, or have that thing? 

You talked yourself out of it. 

What happens there?  You’re inspired with the idea of something that you could do, but then you made a decision that it wasn’t possible for you.

Something I want you to think about is, when that happens, is that a logical or an emotional response?

It’s emotional right?  Logically if there’s something that you want to be do or have, why couldn’t you do it?  If it’s been done before I’m sure it’s possible for you.

We have these emotional responses sometimes that talk us out of taking any action at all towards something that we’re excited about.

That eliminates the possibility that we can ever achieve what we want to achieve.

What we need to do is to make sure that we catch the awareness around these negative “can’t do it” thoughts that pop in, these emotional responses, and ask ourselves “is there any logical reason I couldn’t achieve this?”

The answer to that question is probably no.  We recognize that we’re living in an emotional response.  We need to move through that and just get started.

Identify what’s the first thing that we could do, just the very first thing that we can do, just to get started.  That creates possibility.  We need to start.

Which leads to probability.

If we’re taking action towards that which we want, now we have probability.  If we continue doing it, then we might get some progress, we might pull together the resources, and we might just make it happen.

It could take some time, could take some focus, and some persistence, but now we have probability on our side, and if we continue to take action towards what we want, we can make it happen.

The probability piece is all about continuing.  Don’t be giving up.

Make sure you continue to get the resources that you need, the education that you need, the connections that you need, the self-belief and the confidence that you need, to achieve what you want to achieve and just keep going.

And catch yourself on that emotional negativity awareness thing happening when you start. 
When you hit a little roadblock or a little stuck point and you think you can’t do it, you can. 
It’s just your little self-sabotage kickin’ up.

Ask the logical question again:  “is there any logical reason, if I continue on this path, that I can’t be successful?”  The answer will be “no”.  Trust me on this one.

Next up:  Profitability.  This is where we win.

And the profitability isn’t necessarily just about money.  It could be relationship, love, time, experience, it could be profitable money-wise as well.  But it means that you’ve won.

You’ve beat the odds on yourself and you’ve achieved something that you wanted to achieve.

Now guess what happens?  Once you’ve done this what happens to your confidence level about achieving something else in the future?  Goes up right?  So guess what?  This whole thing creates new possibilities.

And again as you grow, as your identity develops, as a business owner.  You’re achieving new things, you’ll have new ideas on what’s possible for you, and new negative responses that you need to get through, new ways of getting started, more consistencies to increase your probability more profitability, and guess what?  Now you think you can do something else as well.

So this is the whole loop: Possibility leading to probability leading to profitability.

I’ve got a little exercise around this to help you get some clarity.  If you are interested, shoot me a quick note at danholstein@kaizenperformance.com and I will send you a little exercise I have developed for some of my clients helping them get started!

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