Sales Series Part 3: 3 Tips For a Simple But POWERFUL Sales Process

Today, to continue my mini series on how to improve your sales, we specifically look into 3 TIPS on how to improve your sales process and increase business. To have an effective sales process, you’ll want it to be consistent and replicable. And we cover exactly how you can achieve that in this video.

You may not exactly be conscious about it but you already have a sales process. It just actually refers to how you engage with your customer from the time you make your very first interaction, until the time that they decide to buy. Those series of conversations and decisions that lead up to the purchase make up a sales process.

Having an effective sales process ensures that you don’t miss any of the questions you need to ask or the steps you have to take to close the sale.

Learning how to improve your sales process and increase business starts with building rapport and trust with the customer. Develop trust by demonstrating professionalism, honesty and integrity.

You also have to determine fit to ensure you can truly help solve your customer’s problem. Does your partnership make sense?

Don’t forget to establish a consistent and comfortable way to ask for their order. This step is an integral part of the sales process. Many salespeople just wait for the customer to be the one to ask if they can buy, which often leads to a missed opportunity to close a sale.

Integrating these tips into your ways of working will surely help you learn how to improve your sales process and increase business in return.

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