Sales Series Part 2: What You Should Know About the Customer Buying Cycle

Today’s video in our series on improving your sales is about the customer buying cycle. Essentially, this is the customer decision making process that leads to someone making a purchase, and it includes several criteria that are important to understand so you can improve on your sales process.

First of all, there’s the time frame that respective customers have. Whereas a larger company might have a longer buying cycle due to their more sophisticated structure, smaller-scale customers are able to make decisions more quickly. Doing sales means you’ll need to be ready for both situations, whichever one might apply to your customer.

The key to making a sale is getting in sync with whatever your customer’s time frame is. When you integrate your sales process with the customer buying cycle, you can help facilitate a deal by staying sensitive to the customer decision making process that is going on.

Just keep in mind that no matter who you’re dealing with, you may have to forget about your own time frame in order to accommodate theirs.

Besides being responsive to your customer’s time frame, you should also ask questions. Are you talking to the right decision maker? Do you understand what their key decision points are? Are you providing them with the necessary information in a timely fashion?

Allow the customer decision making process to take its own course, but be there to provide support along the way. When you allow your sales process to work in tandem with the customer buying cycle, you give yourself a much greater chance of successfully closing a deal and improving your sales figures.

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