Pushy Sales or Persistent Sales? How to Think Positively About Selling

There shouldn’t ever be a need to use pushy sales tactics, but it is important to be persistent when it comes to selling.

A lot of business owners are happy to take a call and help someone; but they often don’t want to do an outbound call, go to a networking event, or otherwise follow up when someone doesn’t get back to them. Often, the reason is that they don’t want to get pushy.

But that fear of coming across as pushy can end up holding you back. Really, following up with someone just shows that you’re being consistent and looking to help your clients and prospects.

So, where does this resistance to sales come from? Well, when we’re growing up we hear our parents and caregivers talk about the salesperson who sold them a “lemon“ or simply wanted to make a commission. Hearing these stories, it’s easy to associate salespeople with pushy sales tactics.

If you assume that that’s how all of sales is, then you’re going to be losing out on a lot of business because you won’t be persistent and overcome objections.

If you’re better than your competition, then you owe it to your prospects to follow up with them. Who knows, maybe they’re just busy, or don’t quite understand your product or service. If someone’s asking a lot of questions, then you just need to stand out better.

A great salesperson is someone who professionally helps someone solve a problem or fulfill a need. If you set out to help, then you won’t have to worry about using pushy sales tactics. It’s easy to be persistent when you have the other person’s well-being in mind. And when you look at it that way, you’ll end up selling more.

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