Set & Track Your #1 Metric for Peak Performance

How can you make sure that your company stays laser-focused on making significant gains this quarter? In today’s video, I share how setting metrics and performance indicators just form part of what you’ll need to achieve (or overachieve) your targets. Measuring business performance with a CRITICAL NUMBER will help you push your priorities forward.

Have you ever had a situation where you set a priority for the quarter, and you get going on it until you lose track along the way? It usually happens because we’ve got a lot going on in our business. But a lot of times it’s also because we get de-focused. We don’t have something we’re completely focused in on to help us see if we’re really making progress or not.

And that’s the role of having a critical number. In the absence of one, we end up just reacting to situations instead of proactively moving towards our goals. Everybody will have to know what that number is. But what we also have to remember is that there are other numbers or performance indicators that drive the achievement of this critical number.

Watch until the end of this video as I discuss more about setting metrics, measuring business performance, and what you’ll need to keep your focus on your critical number.

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