Lonely at the Top: Mental Health Strategies for Business Owners. An Interview with Brian Janes

As a business owner, do you ever feel like it’s lonely at the top? Many business owners do, but don’t always know how to handle the stress that comes with business ownership. Especially these days.

That’s why I reached out to interview my colleague and Registered Psychotherapist Brian Janes about mental health for business owners. In our interview, Brian shares several practical strategies that business owners can use to deal with bad days, high expectations, and not having someone to connect with.

He shares many of the common challenges he sees in business owners, and calls out the isolation and avoidance they experience when they feel like they’re falling short of their own expectations for themselves.

I know you’ll take away some great value from Brian’s insights. If you identify with anything we’re discussing, we encourage you to take one small step to reach out to someone you trust or connect with a mental health professional.

You don’t have to go it alone, and it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top!

Brian Janes – Registered Psychotherapist, Impact Counselling Services

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