Developing Confidence in your Actions

Improving confidence is especially important so you can take action and make confident decisions in your business.

If you’re lacking confidence, watch this video to know what I suggest you can do.

First, I like to define confidence as knowing what to do in a given situation, and believing that taking that action will lead to a successful outcome. Confidence is something we gain when we know what works. So often, people will shy away from doing something if they’re unsure whether their actions will be successful.

So here’s where the paradox in developing confidence comes in. If we don’t know what to do in a situation, we won’t want to take any action because of our fear of uncertainty. But we can only start improving confidence on anything if we take action, so we can know that it actually works. How can we then actually take some action, even if we’re lacking confidence to do it?

Sometimes, all we need is to get started and to take the first step, even if we don’t get everything complete or fulfill the entire action we want to be doing confidently. This way we can slowly see what might work. Developing confidence can be done gradually from this point.

I invite you to watch until the end of this video to learn more about how you can go from someone lacking confidence, to improving confidence with every decision you make in no time.

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