Boost Staff Morale with This Simple Yet Effective Tip!

How do you celebrate success in your business? Do you have a system for team recognition?

If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to boost staff morale and keep everyone aligned with your company’s core values.

There’s a great book on team recognition called Whale Done by Ken Blanchard. It’s all about incentivizing the behaviour that you want to see by recognizing good work.

Imagine trying to get a whale to do something. You can’t possibly make it do anything since it’s so big. But you can use rewards to coax it into doing what you want.

Clearly, your team members aren’t whales. But team recognition uses the same principles. When you celebrate success, you’re essentially rewarding your team members for something that you’d like them to keep doing. That reward will make them more likely to repeat the behaviour in the future and boost staff morale.

So, how do you systematize recognition and tie it to your core values?

First, make sure you have time every week where people are being recognized. Schedule it in. They can be recognized by the leadership team or by their peers.

Then, tie that recognition into one of your core values. When you connect the two together, it makes clear what you want your team to be focused on. Plus, it provides extra incentive for those who weren’t recognized to follow suit to those who were.

Team recognition feels good, helps boost staff morale, and brings people together. If you don’t have a systematized way to celebrate success in your business, it’s time to start NOW!

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