How to Set Your Business Priorities Straight

If you and your leadership team are finding yourselves super busy and it’s not on the strategic, it’s just putting out fires and dealing with issues as they’re coming up all day long, just reacting, it could be that you don’t have clear priorities for the organization.

So you may say, ” Yeah, we have priorities.  We have tons of priorities.”  Well, actually, if everything is a priority, nothing’s a priority, right?  You might be just going too wide and not deep enough into the issues.

So I want to help you understand how to set clear priorities.  Here’s how we do it: 

Identify the one single thing in the organization that you need to see a change in.

Just one thing.

Now, there may be many things, but there’s going to be one most important thing.  So you need to give some thought to this and work with your leadership team on it.

If you’re not sure what that one thing is, reach out to me.  I can help you figure that out too.

But you have to decide on one thing that you need to see some change in.

Now, the next piece of this is you’ve got to ask yourself, “Why is this happening?”

We can’t just look at  “Here’s the situation that I’m not happy with.”  That could just be a symptom of a root cause.  There could be some underlying reason that this is occurring.  So I’ll give you an example.  Let’s say you do field service and your customers aren’t happy.  They’re not coming back for repeat business or you’re getting complaints.

In other words, your service team just isn’t doing a great job.

You could say, “Gosh, we better reprimand these service people, or “We better do some more training.”

Well, that may be true.  However, that could be the symptom.

Could it be that you don’t have an effective recruitment process and Core Values that align with service and that you’re not attracting the right people into the job so that you can train them well and have that mindset that they want to do a great job.

So are you just fixing the symptom or are you truly going after the root cause? You want to ask yourself, “Why is this happening?

And when you get to an answer, ask yourself again, “What’s leading to this?”

So you’ve got to go at least two levels on this, and now you’re getting closer to your true priority.

So I hope that’s  been helpful in terms of how to distill down what you should really be working on in your business.

And if you’re not sure, if you’ve one of those leadership teams that have a million priorities and you’re going in all kinds of directions, hit me up for a conversation.  I can help you whittle that down to get focused on the number one thing that truly needs to change in your organization so you can be moving forward and scaling up.

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