How to Stop Working So Hard in Your Business (what we can learn from turkey vultures)

If you feel like you’re working too hard in your business, try looking for leverage points.

The concept of leverage in business is crucial because it allows you to do more with less effort. I was reminded of this when I went on a walk recently and saw turkey vultures circling overhead.

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With every circle, these birds would fly higher and higher, and eventually they’d go off in whatever direction they wanted. But the cool thing about this is that they didn’t flap their wings at all. The turkey vultures are experts at maximizing efficiency. They know how to capitalize on leverage.

Seeing these turkey vultures made me realize the importance of leverage in business. Too many business owners feel overworked and overwhelmed. By finding leverage points, you can reduce your workload and become more productive and relaxed.

But to do so requires a shift in thinking. You have to remind yourself that there are easier ways of doing things. Keep looking for better systems and methods that will make your job more efficient. Also, remember to delegate whenever possible.

By seeking out leverage in your business, you’ll find that your level of productivity can increase without increasing the amount of work YOU have to do. Transform the way you run your business.

After all, why flap when you can glide? So, keep leverage points top of mind. Take a look at your systems and processes to figure out what can be improved. And, like the turkey vultures, make efficiency your goal.

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