My Five Secrets Of Closing The Sale: How To Start Overcoming Objections To Price

Many entrepreneurs stumble when customers challenge their price because they don’t have the tools for overcoming objections. In this video, I share five secrets of closing the sale that will help you handle any resistance to your price.

The first secret is to stop discounting. This is a common sales mistake, and it makes sense. If a customer thinks your price is too high, it’s tempting to want to lower the price in the hopes that it will entice the customer. However, really all it’s doing is sending the signal that you’re worth less than you really are.

The second secret is to offer a guarantee. If you have a written guarantee that lists all of the things that will and will not happen as a result of working with you, it will greatly ease the fears of your customers and help with overcoming objections.

The third of the secrets of closing the sale is to focus on your uniqueness. It’s important that your selling propositions help you stand out from the competition.

Fourth, are you working with clients who fit into your target market? It’s important to focus on your target market because these are the people who can pay the price you want and who will tell their friends about what you do.

Last, have confidence. You need to exude enough authority in sales situations so that your customers want to buy from you.

With these five secrets of closing the sale, you’ll be able to start overcoming objections to price without having to undervalue your product or service. Remember what your true worth is and sell with confidence!

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